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Standart Heather Blows My Mind

Previously in *quot;Heather Shows Me What I've Missed*quot; I tell the story of how I was introduced to a whole new world of sexual experience and excitement by a very young and cute, masseuse. I finished that story telling the reader that I had gone back to her three more times, but, when I called to set up a fourth visit ...

*quot;Hi Heather, it's Brad, I'm coming down your way next Monday, could I see you?*quot;

*quot;Baby, I'm not at the massage parlor anymore.*quot;

*quot;That's terrible, I been going crazy just thinking about seeing you again.*quot;

*quot;Where will you be, Baby?*quot;

*quot;Actually, I'm visiting the Lancaster store. But, I was going to drive over to San Diego to see you.*quot;

*quot;Why don't I come to your hotel room the day you arrive ... we'll spend the night together, as a goodbye present to each other.*quot;

*quot;You'd do that for me?*quot;

Baby, you're not only my favorite customer ... but to tell you the truth ... I've got a bit of crush on you. I know there's no future for us. But, I'd love to spend one night with you before we say goodbye.

All I could think was, She's got a crush on me ... Wow! She's going to spend the whole night with me! I was truly beyond myself with joy.

I let her know the name of the hotel, told her I'd be in my hotel room by five, thanked her, and hung up the phone. This was Friday ... the longest weekend of my life lay before me.

For that entire weekend, I couldn't get the biggest shit-eating grin off of my face. Almost all of the time I am a very happy fellow, regardless, my wife still asked me, *quot;Honey, you seem exceptionally happy ... did you get some good news?*quot;

*quot;No ... well ... yes ... something at work has come together in a way I'd never expected. In fact, there was a chance that I was going to have to shelve the project. Now, I'm able to go ahead with it. It looks like I'll be putting together another all-store training session.*quot;

Monday finally rolled around and after an uneventful flight I arrived at my hotel at about 4:30. I told the clerk that a friend would be arriving soon and that he should just send her up. Then, I went up to the room, to make sure everything was okay, laid down on the bed, and tried to relax.

At 5 o'clock sharp there was a knock on the door. I opened it ... and there was Heather, as young and pretty as ever. It's funny ... each time I saw her ... I was struck by her beauty and the sense of confidence and self-esteem she radiated. I stood there dumb struck, not able to utter a single word.

Heather didn't hesitate, she walked into my arms, gave me a strong, tight hug (she knew how much I loved her *quot;all or nothing*quot; hugs), and said, *quot;Hi Baby, it's very good to see you again.*quot;

*quot;Good to see you, too, ... Sweetheart,*quot; I stammered. *quot;You are more beautiful every time I see you. You honestly take my breath away.*quot;

*quot;You're so sweet.*quot; Then she adding, *quot;I love it when you call me Sweetheart,*quot; hugging me even tighter. Breaking the hug, she looked up at me and said, *quot;Baby ... I haven't had a bite to eat today. Is it possible we can get something to eat before we blow each other's minds?*quot;

*quot;Sure ... I noticed a Mexican restaurant across the street is that okay?*quot;

*quot;Perfect! Well, Baby, this will be our first and only real date ... and you're buying.*quot; She giggled ... that marvelous giggle that I loved so much. ... Then she grabbed the back of my head, pulled me to her, and gave me a long passionate kiss; the kind she knew drove me crazy.

*quot;Sweetheart, I can't even think of dinner when you kiss me like that.*quot;

*quot;I'm just trying to give you an idea as to what you're in for tonight.*quot; And then, again, that giggle.

Heather was 20, but she looked like she was 16 ... as I said, very young and very pretty. She stood about 5'4*quot; and weighed about 110. Her bra size was 32B-C (depending on the bra) and she wore a size 3 dress. Her complexion was creamy white and she had long blonde hair that went all the way down to her waist. On this day, she was wearing a pair of short shorts, a purple tank top, purple knee highs and tennis shoes. She was well aware of my fetish for a woman, role playing a teenager, and ... boy ... did she look the part.

As we walked across the street to the Mexican Restaurant, she insisted on holding kartal escort my hand. I was a bit uncomfortable at first, because she looked more like my daughter than my date. But, I realized that I was far from home and the chance that we'd be spotted by somebody who knew us was very remote ... and ... I loved it that she wanted to hold my hand.

I was able to get us a table in a dark corner of the restaurant and Heather choose to sit close beside me rather than across from me. As we looked at the menu, she'd exclaim about a dish that looked good to her and give my thigh a squeeze at the same time. Once she turned her head, look over to me, smiled, and said, *quot;Baby, you are especially handsome tonight.*quot;

I wondered what I had done to be given such a wonderful gift. I thought that somebody, someplace, sure must like me.

I still hadn't figured out what I wanted to eat. But, I realized, very quickly, that it didn't matter what I ordered ... I wouldn't be able to eat a single bite. ... There was really only one thing that I had any appetite for; only one thing on my mind. ... And, I knew full well that that would have to wait a little bit longer.

I ordered a small salad and a Coke.

Heather ordered a large combination Mexican dinner and an ice tea. I watched in fascination as she finished every bite of the meal, sat back with a satisfied expression on her face, gave my thigh another squeeze, and said, *quot;Baby, you're so sweet. ... Thank you for taking me out to dinner at such a nice place.*quot; Then after a pause, and in a very soft, sultry, voice she added, *quot;I noticed that you didn't eat much, why don't we go back to your room now and I'll take great pleasure in serving you your favorite desert.*quot;

I couldn't wait to pay the bill.

As soon as we entered my hotel room, she pushed me down on the large king-sized bed and jumped on me, straddling my waist and wiggling her cute ass against my rock-hard cock, she said, *quot;Baby, I'd like to take a shower, would you like to undress me?*quot;

*quot;Sweetheart ... that would give me great pleasure.*quot;

She bent down gave me another one of those passionate kisses, rolled off me, stood up next to the bed and said, *quot;Now, Baby ... I said undress me ... no funny business until after a shower. Comprende?*quot;

I nodded my head, and then knelt next to her. I started with her tennis shoes, undoing the laces and then taking them off and carefully setting them aside. I love women's clothes and I get almost as much pleasure undressing a beautiful woman as I do making love to her. I wanted to take my time; enjoy every minute of it.

Next came the knee highs; as I slowly removed them I rubbed her calves and feet, she sighed softly, but when I kissed her feet and tried to suck her large toe, she said, *quot;Don't be naughty, Baby ... no funny business until after the shower.*quot;

*quot;Sweetheart, I'm sorry ... this is just so exciting for me ... I can hardly control myself.*quot;

Then, I reached up to her waist to undo the buttons of her shorts; mission accomplished, they fell to her ankles and she stepped out of them. She was wearing a very brief pair of silky purple panties. When I saw them, I'd wished I'd kept her knee hi's on a little longer ... I wanted so much to see her standing there, purple knee highs, purple panties, and purple tank top ... in my mind ... a vision of loveliness.

I couldn't wait to see the color of her bra, suspecting another blast of purple, I quickly stripped off her tank top. I wasn't disappointed, her bra, the same silky fabric as her panties, just barely covered her beautiful breasts, hinting at what lay just beyond. Again, I wished I'd left her knee highs on ... this was even better than the tank top. I stepped back and just enjoyed the view.

Heather, gave me a big smile, did a 360 twirl and said, *quot;I bought the bra and panties just for you. Do you like them?*quot;

*quot;You know I do ... however, like isn't the right word ... no ... there isn't a word for how much they pleasure me, Sweetheart.*quot;

Smiling, she asked, *quot;It's time to take them off, Baby. ... I'm looking forward to that shower.*quot;

I undid the bra and she slowly slipped out of it. Then I got back on my knees and pulled down her panties ... it took tremendous discipline not to grab cumhuriyet mahallesi escort her by her bottom and pull that sweet pussy against my face.

She looked down at me, saw the lust in my eyes, giggled, and moved forward, and then she pushed her sweet pussy against my face. I reached behind her and grabbed her ass ...

*quot;Naughty Baby! Remember, no funny business until after the shower.*quot;

*quot;Sweetheart, you don't know how hard it to control myself ... especially when you tease me like this.*quot;

*quot;Yes, I do,*quot; she whispered ... another giggle ... then she went into the bathroom and I could hear the water running.

I stood there not sure what I should be doing, when Heather called to me, *quot;Baby, what are you doing out there ... get your clothes off and get in here with me, right now.*quot;

I didn't need a second invitation.

As I stepped into the bathroom, Heather said, *quot;Now, there are some rules to follow, so I expect you to be a good boy and do what momma says, Comprende?*quot;

*quot;Whatever you say, Sweetheart.*quot;

*quot;We are going to wash each other all over. You will pay special attention of my breasts and pussy, and I will pay special attention to your cock and your balls. We will make sure that we are thoroughly rinsed, but ... we will not dry off. We are going to the bed soaking wet. You wait here, I need to pull the covers back and place some towels on the bed.*quot;

She was gone for just a moment and when she returned she stepped into the shower and pulled me in after her.

This was a nice hotel, the tub was large and the shower curtain was situated in such a way that gave plenty of room for two to be in there at the same time. I wouldn't be surprised to find that it had been designed that way just for this purpose. The shower head was attached to a long, flexible tube and could easily be removed from its holder. I figured this made rinsing that much easier.

*quot;Baby, I want you to wash me first, then I'll wash you. Don't put any soap in my hair, it's too hard to get out ... and I am in a bit of a hurry ... but please rinse it good and massage my scalp.*quot;

I decided to start from the bottom up, so I sat on the floor of the tub and began by washing her feet. I was careful to wash between all of her toes and spent a little extra time on her big toe ... she sighed. Then her calves, slowly moving up to her thighs, taking my time, carefully washing and rinsing every inch of her.

When I began washing her pussy, it wasn't a sigh that escaped from her lips, but a soft moan. Once I had it all soaped up and had spent quality time making sure that it was lovingly attended to, I took the shower head, turned it to pulsating, and directed it directly into her pussy, using the pulsating water to rinse every trace of soap from her private parts.

She was having trouble standing still, so I said to her, *quot;Sweetheart, if you don't stand still, I'll never be able to get all the soap rinsed out. I might have to spend the rest of the evening just rinsing your sweet pussy.*quot;

A resulting moan, not a soft one, escaped her lips as she collapsed to the floor of the tub in an uncontrollable orgasm. She sat there from a minute or two, her hand massaging between her legs, and moaning softly. Then she opened her eyes, grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me deeply, her tongue exploring every inch of my mouth.

Then she pulled away, slapped my face, and said, *quot;Naughty boy! Finish washing me.*quot; And she stood back up ... on somewhat wobbly legs.

I stood next to her and began washing her bottom, but being careful not to spend too much time on her anus ... Heather was not into anal play, she'd made that clear on an earlier visit of mine to the massage parlor. At that time, I didn't even know what anal play was; I've since discovered that I am very sensitive there.

Next her waist and then those beautiful breasts ... God how I loved them. I'm sure it was Heather that created the desire I had for breasts that were not too small and not too large ... what I think of as just perfect. I spent lots of quality time there, while Heather's soft moans filled the bathroom.

When I finished with her neck, she said, *quot;Baby, let me wash my face and rinse my yunus escort hair, this is taking too long. I'm getting anxious and want to begin washing you as soon as possible.*quot;

I handed her the soap and she quickly washed her face and then rinsed her hair. Then she began on me, also starting with my feet, moving up to my calves and then my thighs. I waited with great expectation for her to begin washing my cock and balls.

However, Heather stood up and began shampooing my hair ... she immediately sensed my disappointment and said, *quot;Patience Baby ... I'm saving the best for last,*quot; and she reached up and gave me a quick kiss on my lips.

To tell you the truth, I didn't have much patience, but I toughed it out as she finished with the shampoo and scalp massage, washed my face, neck and torso (taking a moment to suck on each of my nipples after rinsing the soap off my chest.

Finally, she started washing my bottom ... and ... just like the first time ... she reached under and played with my balls ... then stroked my cock. Instinctively I tried to caress her breast, but she slapped my hand away with another, *quot;Naughty boy!*quot;

Then she moved around to the front and really spent some quality time on my balls and then my cock. It was difficult to control myself, I didn't want to come yet. .... Finally, just when I thought I could last no longer, she grabbed the shower head and rinsed me all over until every sign of the soap was gone.

Then she rinsed herself again and reminded me, as she turned off the water and opened the shower curtains, *quot;Baby, remember, we are not drying off we're going to the bed soaking wet. I've got a great surprise for you.*quot;

We quickly made our way to the bedroom and, once again, she pushed me down on the bed, straddled me, and reached over to the night table to grab a bottle of baby oil. She unscrewed the lid and began rubbing the baby oil all over my body. Then she said, *quot;Here, Baby, take the oil and rub it all over my body, especially my breasts.*quot;

I took the oil and did what she asked. As I applied it to her breasts I was blown away by how sensuous they felt. It wasn't long before we were both dripping in oil and the water from our shower.

*quot;Now Baby tell me how this feels,*quot; and she slipped my cock into her unbelievably wet and slippery pussy, sliding her pelvis back and forth against mine, rubbing her beautiful breasts against my chest, kissing me passionately while our wet, hot tongues explored each other's mouth.

The feeling was like nothing I'd ever felt before ... or since ... somehow the water and the oil together sharpened the sense of touch to an extreme that is impossible to explain ... it must be experienced. It felt like we were becoming one person, that our bodies were melding together and the feeling as that happened was one of pure ecstasy. I don't know how long we continued kissing, hugging, sliding our bodies, her pussy and my cock, together ... but ... it felt like an eternity of bliss.

Finally, she whispered in my ear, *quot;Sweet Baby, do you like it?*quot;

*quot;I love it Sweetheart! ... Thank you so much ... I could stay close to you like this forever and be forever happy.*quot;

*quot;Well, Baby, we're not through yet ... we've got the whole night ahead of us ... and our goodbye love making in the morning.

We made love for another hour, our fingers and our tongues exploring every inch of each other's bodies; spending quality time on each other's breasts/nipples, necks, and other special parts. Then, totally satiated, we fell asleep in each other's arms. I have seldom been happier than I was that night.

The next morning was a time for some sweet love making, after which she took a shower, alone this time, as I lay in bed just relishing what had happened in the past 12 hours. Then she came out of the bathroom and slowly got dressed as I watched.

When she finished, she did another 360 twirl for me, grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet, saying, *quot;Baby, you're a very handsome man ... this is goodbye ... have a wonderful life.*quot; And she gave me a very tight hug.

*quot;Heather ... thank you so much ... I will never forget this night or you ... and, please ... if you ever doubt yourself, ever wonder if anybody loves you ... please ... please ... think of me and know that I will always believe in you, that I will always love you.*quot;

*quot;Baby, thank you ... I will, I promise.*quot;

And with that she broke the hug, turned and walked out the door, walked out of my life forever. ... But, not out of my memories or my dreams, not ever.
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