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Standart Our own *quot;Spring Break!*quot;

Our own *quot;Spring Break!*quot;I was 24 when I met Jodi, Karen, and Lynn. I was still living in a cheap apartment complex, saving up as much as I could for a down payment for a house. The complex was located several blocks away from the college I had graduated from and currently worked at. I helped them move into their two bedroom apartment. At first, I was very interested in getting to know Karen ...she was tan, blonde, taller than me with an amazing slender body. Of course, she wasn't single and not interested in making conversation with me. Instead, I was able to quickly befriend both Jodi and Lynn. Lynn was dating a guy from her hometown that went to a different college and Jodi was single. The three of us begun to hang out in the evenings. We'd go out to eat and watched movies together in my apartment a few times a week. I admit that I jerked off all the time thinking about being with both girls at the same time. As their junior year progressed, the flirting between Lynn and I got more intense. Lynn, was a couple inches shorter than me. She had shoulder length light brown hair, brown eyes, had a small upper body, small less than a handful breasts, with wide hips...which looked amazing in the tight jeans she wore, thick thighs with really nice shaped calves. Jodi was a much more quiet gal. She was a cute chubby girl with short dark hair, very pale me, with large tits that she rarely showed any cleavage, with a surprising flat stomach just wide. But, I got ahead of myself So one very late evening Lynn and I started watching a skin flix on Cinemax just after Jodi had left to finish a paper. It was nearing winter break, so Lynn was wearing sweat pants and a sweat shirt. We turned the volume down and begun making up our own lines. It got graphic really fast. I had to shift my leg to hide the hard on I had sprouted. Lynn noticed. She slid next to me on the couch and shocked me with whispering in my ear *quot;Do you want a blow job?*quot; My body shuddered and I fell out of character and stammered a stupid reply *quot;What about your boyfriend?*quot;Lynn didn't say a word, instead she stood up keeping eye contact with me. I just stared at her. Then unexpectedly, she took my hand and pulled me into my bedroom. It was dark in there. We started kissing. We undressed each other quickly and got under my covers. We continued to kiss some more. Then she moved down on me. Lynn kissed my chest and lightly bit my nipples. Her hand rubbed my cock. She moved down my abdomen until wrapping her lips around my tip. My hands went into her hair as she bobbed up and down on my shaft. The slurping, sucking sounds echoed as I held her down on me and I thrusted into her mouth. Lynn continued for several minutes until her neck began to hurt. She slid her body up against mine and pulled the covers up. I debated in my head for a few seconds on if I should return the favor or go for it. I knew if I wanted to impress, I better get my mouth down between her legs. We kissed some more and then bornova escort I worked my way down Lynn's body. Her small tits had very sensitive nipples. They protruded out and got very erect. I sucked on them hard. Lynn couldn't control her body from twisting and jerking as if I was tickling her. She pushed me down past her navel and into her moistened lips. My fingers had been rubbing and dipping into her before my tongue entered into her. She grunted hard when I buried my tongue into her. Lynn didn't taste all that great but man did she move as I worked into her. Her legs tightened straight and she shook violently just as the first squirt of juice poured out. Lynn grunted as if punched in the gut and all the air had left her lungs. Three more squirts later, her body relaxed and broke into a huge sweat. My face covered in her juices and my bed with a large wet spot. I moved up her limp body. I attempted to kiss her but she stopped me and asked to clean up first. Slightly dejected, I jumped out of bed to wash my face and brush teeth. By the time I got done, Lynn was already dressed and about to leave. In a moment of desperation, I cried *quot;What about me?*quot; Lynn stopped and smiled, forgetting that I had yet to cum. She said *quot;Oops*quot; and walked back to me. We kissed as she clenched her hand around my cock. She pulled hard and fast. It wasn't the most pleasant angle she took to jerk me off but I didn't complain. Her one hand gave out and she quickly switched over to the other. Lynn stated her hand was getting tired, I knew I shouldn't try to hold back my load any more. I released with a very loud grunted of my own. My body jerked hard as I shot out all over my floor. Lynn excitedly let out an awkward squeal like sound. She furiously worked me over with her hand until every ounce of my fluid had been extracted. I almost fell over from the exhausted feeling that came over me. Lynn let go and I reached to her like a crutch. I wanted to kiss her but she stopped me with her cum covered hand to my lips. *quot;Don't ever tell anyone about this! Ok?*quot; Of course I complied and she left.A few days went by and with finals, I didn't see Lynn or Jodi. I began to wonder if I'd see them before they left. Then one morning I found a lengthy letter from Lynn. She apologized for what had happened and let me know it was a mistake. She went on to give the story of her boyfriend and her had a right and with finals she needed to relieve the stress. Lynn admitted it was very good but....It Will Never Happen Again! Is how the letter ended. I didn't see them before I took off for the holidays.Confused:So it shocked me when I did return after the holiday to find another letter from Lynn. It said how excited she was to see me again and she had a big announcement when she got back. Of course this just messed me up more and I begun to speculate what she wanted to tell. I thought, she broke up with her boyfriend and wanted to hook up was the only viable story escort bornova I played in my mind. Unfortunately, Lynn's news wasn't what I had expected.... she had gotten engaged. I hid my true feelings for her and acted excited for her. We hugged and things went back to normal. Lynn, Jodi and myself began hanging out on a regular basis again. We got back to joking around except I found Jodi more flirtatious. Lynn has told her and Karen about our sexual escapade. Jodi, who had never had oral sex, found the story extremely titillating. I knew this because one night when Jodi went to the bathroom, Lynn told me. So I had an idea....A few nights later, I mentioned to Lynn that I was very interested in being Jodi's first oral but only if she'd be willing to shave. I had nothing to lose and I enjoyed the shock look on Lynn's face. I could of been wrong but I saw in Lynn's eyes a hint of jealousy as I told how excited I was for this to happen. Then Jodi, cooled off once she learned of my excitement. After that Jodi stopped hanging out in my apartment and it was just Lynn and myself. We still had fun and we did flirt a little but it was harmless or so I thought. As spring break neared, the flirting became more touching. Lynn was rubbing my shorts one late night as we were kissing softly. She unzipped and pulled my cock out. I had been rubbing my fingers up under her shorts making her moist. We were whispering of what was going to happen next when Jodi knocked on my door saying Lynn's fiance had called. She stopped and bolted away. I was frustrated and masturbated angrily how I'd fuck was a good climax ...even if I was alone. Jodi had no plans for spring break and had decided to stay. She was able to get more hours at the video store. As the first few days went by, I was missing not hanging out with the girls. So I went to Jodi's work. It was about closing time and I knew it wouldn't be busy. I acted like I didn't know her and asked for her help selecting a movie. This seemed to work as Jodi played along. She asked me questions about what movies I liked. I made up a story about wanting videos on oral sex since I wanted to please my *quot;girlfriend*quot;. I also noted her name was the same as hers. Jodi's cheeks were bright red and she gave a sheepish smile. We went to the room behind the curtain and she recommended a few movies for me. Of course they were gay videos and still I played along. We went up to the front and I rented them. She walked me to the door to lock it after I left. As I stepped outside, I said *quot;Let's have our own spring break with no rules or regrets.*quot; Jodi giggled and turned even brighter red. She waved by and I left wondering if I'd done enough to close the deal.Just twenty minutes after I got home, Jodi knocked on my door. She had on sweatshorts that were cut from old sweatpants and a very low cut t-shirt. I pulled her inside and closed the door. I pressed my body up against hers as we began kissing. Jodi bornova escort bayan giggled as my hand went up under her shirt to squeeze her large left breast. It must of tickled as she squirmed. Jodi kept her hands on my hips. Obviously she was nervous so I unzipped my shorts and let them talk to my ankles. Then I took her hand and rubbed it up against my cock under my underwear. I undressed her right there and she did take off my underwear. I just stepped back and admired her curvy body. I was so hard, I wanted to grow longer. We went to the couch and I laid her on her back with one leg on the couch and the other open on the floor. I got on my knees and five into her nicely trimmed bush. Jodi breathed heavily, trying not to make a sound. I rubbed her just above her lips and dipped my tongue gently into her folds. She tasted so sweet. I had to tell her as I plunged a finger into her. Jodi's legs flinched and her toes curled. I pulled it out and picked it off. She watched and held her breath. I pried her lips open to delve my tongue deeper. Jodi moaned faintly as I worked my mouth into her. My hands went under her ass and tilted her pelvis upwards to get better penetration. Jodi squeezed the couch firmly and when I touched her spot...she burst out *quot;Right There!*quot; I focused on it and took pleasure in her reactions. I really got into it, knowing I wanted to make an impression on her. I actually thought that even if this was it,I'd be ok with it. Jodi, in her excitement, got the hiccups which stimulated me even more. I rubbed, licked, probed, and tasted her sweetness. Until Jodi flinched a few times breathing hard with her legs shaking then slumped still. I was sweating and Jodi's body glistened with sweat. I moved up between her legs and kissed her stomach. I stopped to play and suck on her perfect tiny nipples. I pinched and twisted them as I worked up Jodi's neck. We kissed softly, almost playful like. I stood up and pulled her into my bedroom. I could feel her nervousness as she slowly stepped in. She moved onto the bed and I got beside her. We kissed and she began to rub me hard as I fondled her breasts. I moved on top between her legs. Her hand was still on me. She lined me up and asked in the most innocent voice *quot;do you really want to do this?*quot; I smiled and almost laughed a *quot;Yes, of course!*quot; Jodi nervously stated *quot;I really like you.*quot; She guided me into her. Jodi shuddered as I slowly entered and moved deep into her. She softly pleaded to take it slowly. I did, I dipped in and out of her watching my cock disappear into Jodi. She stared wide eyed at me. Her body was so still, if she wasn't breathing so heavily... I'd think she wasn't enjoying herself. After several minutes, I was getting close. I didn't want it to stop. The slow pace was quite stimulating and the way Jodi looked at me was intense. I pulled out ready to spill my seeds on her amazing flat abdomen. Jodi moved her hands on my rod and milked me out onto her body. I jerked and groaned trying to push out as much as I could. Jodi just continued to softly milk me even after I was totally expunged. I rolled off to her side and she moved sideways pressing her warm body up against mine. I had my arm under her head and we fell asleep until dawn in the same position.
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