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Standart When plan A fails, go to plan B. With a double vag

When plan A fails, go to plan B. With a double vagI haven?t taken the time to describe our self. My wife is beautiful; I catch men and yes some women looking at her. Recently we were out when a women came up to my wife just to tell her just how striking she is. Allison is about 5?9? blue eyed blond with medium build a cute round ass and great tits. She is a very caring and giving woman who I love so very much. I am six foot tall and a little heavier than I want to be but I have a good build. Allison will tell you I am a very good looking man. She tells people she was saving marriage for me. Rich and I are built about the same, including our junk. Although he may be a little wider than I; we both sport a respectful seven inches. While we recuperate we snack, Allison and I drink some more have some more pot too. Allison and Rich start to talking about their past. I was hanging on their every word. I love to hear about Allison past sexual exploits?. This gets me rock hard in no time. I noticed Rich is rising to the occasion as well. Allison has started playing with Rich?s dick as he is telling us about some of his swinging experiences.Rich and I have fully recovered and we start round two. Allison lies down on the mattress and motions both of us to come to her. It is our turn to give her both of our attention Rich is on one side of her with me on her other side. I start to make out with Allison as Rich starts sucking her tits.. We both take time to suck her tits and rub her body. Allison is moaning with pleasure as we are both make love to different parts of her body at the same time. Rich is enjoying Allison?s tits, so slide down between her legs to eat her out again. I am eating out her pussy that recently had been filled with another man?s dick. She tastes wonderful. We are driving her crazy I am tongue fucking her again in her pussy and ass driving her mad, Allison konak escort is close to cumming again and we both work to bring her another climax. Allison really needs a dick in the worst way. When her climax shutters to a halt she pushes Rich onto his back so she could ride his dick. She lowers herself slowly down his cock to Rich?s delight. Allison just sits on top of Rich reveling in the feeling of her pussy filled with a dick. Rich reaches out to play with Allison?s tits, but she pushes his hand away and tells him don?t move let me fuck you. She slowly starts to grind her pussy into his dick, enjoying the feeling. She is enjoying her ride when she calls me over so she can suck my dick. Now that she has a dick in her mouth and a dick in her pussy she started fucking Rich with more enthusiasm. She has let him start to fuck her back as she rides his cock. I have started fucking her mouth. We are having a true threesome. Allison is riding rich?s cock, just grinding back and forth. Allison is moaning with pleasure as she fuck Rich and sucks my dick. As we are fucking, she pushes my back to breathlessly ask Rich have you ever taken part in a double penetration. Allison has a hunger in her eyes. We have talked about a double penetration before so I know it one of our fantasies and what she has in mind. Rich said that he had not but was up for it. Allison told Rich she wanted to have to dicks in her pussy at the same time, was he up for that. With Allison?s pussy impaled on his dick what was he going to say?We have never done this so we had to figure out the best way to do this. Allison is already riding Rich, so she leans forward to expose her pussy to me. I come up from behind her and with a little work I was in. Allison moans with pleasure, she has two dicks in her pussy. This is a first for her and us. We don?t do anything at first, letting konak escort bayan Allison take the lead. Allison is breathing heavy; Rich and I haven?t even started fucking her yet. When she relaxes some Rich start to fuck Allison form below, as I fuck her from behind. Rich and I get a rhythm going. He is pushing into Allison?s pussy as I pull my dick out. As we fuck Allison she is becoming more and more excited. Soon Allison is ready to cum and has a screaming orgasm and squirts allover our dicks. Rich did not know Allison was a squirter. We continue fucking Allison as she orgasms until she is just a quivering mass of orgasmic energy. I pull my dick out and Allison rolls off of Rich to catch her breath. I get her something cold to drink as she recovers.Both Rich and I are still rock hard. Allison gets onto her hand and knees and looks at Rich as if to say come and get it. Rich start fucking her doggy style and pushes her down and starts fucking her slowly at first. As he fucks her he changes his rhythm fucking her faster and hard with every passing minute. Allison grunts every time plunges his dick deep in her pussy. Rich is getting ready to cum he is breathing heavy panting with every thrust of his dick. Rich starts fucking Allison harder and faster by now Allison is moaning and panting too. Rich is in mid stroke when he yells I?m cumming, blasting his load deep into my wife, as Allison has her own quaking climax. Rich collapses on Allison and the rest in heap of spent human flesh. Rich is spent, but Allison and I are not. I come over to Allison lie down next to her and gently stroke her as she comes down form her latest orgasm. We make small talk as Rich collets himself. He notices that it is almost 2:00 AM; he says he has to get going. He thanks us for a most grateful evening of sex and good fun. We see him out and start to talk escort konak about our evening. As we relive the events we are both start getting hot again. We are both pretty horny again and start playing with each other. Allison starts by sucking my dick and I dry cum as she works my dick. I cannot take it any longer and position Allison so we can 69. Her pussy is hovering over my face so I can eat her out again. She lowers her dripping pussy onto my mouth and I start to clean her up again. Allison is sucking my dick I and eating her out. She is so messy I lick up her pussy enjoying the honey of her dripping pussy. Until she cums and squirts all over my face. I drink up as much of her pussy juice as I can. Allison has collapsed on me to recover after cumming again. Allison rolls off of me and she tells me fuck from behind like Rich did. I haven?t climaxed so I eagerly slid my dick into her still dripping pussy. We fuck this way for what seemed like an hour. As I get close to cumming I start fucking her harder. She is moaning and grunting just like she did with Rich. She is fucking me back as I drive my dick deep into her pussy until we both cum at the same time. But we both are having an intense orgasm. When most people cum, they just collapse when they are spent. When we are this excited, when cum we experience the opposite effect; we start fucking each other more franticly. My dick is throbbing as I continue to cum empting my load. Allison?s pussy is convulsing in its own climax. Neither one of us could stop; we change positions several times and continue to fuck. We are both dripping wet. Even after blowing a full load into my wife I am still rock hard. So we fuck, and fuck and fuck some more. Allison is having multiple orgasms every few minutes. I am getting ready to cum again. We both cum one more time and we are both spent. It must have been around 4:00 am so we quickly fall asleep wrapped together totally in love with each other. We sleep heavily; totally exhausted. sleeping late into the next day. We wake up late to the smell of sex, we are very satisfied but a little tied still so we decide to have a lazy naked Sunday.
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