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Standart Alisha Ch. 06

Finally all my exams were over. I knew I had done well and so I didn't have any qualms regarding the results. I was looking forward to a vacation full of relaxation and goofing around with my friends. I had to maintain a social life and not always spend my time Alisha. Speaking of which I still had to talk to my Mom about our relationship.

The days were hot, like they always were in the summer. One day, I got up and after finishing my routine and shower I went downstairs. My father was reading the newspaper and mom was watching T.V.

I greeted both of them 'Good morning' and proceeded to have a bowl of cereal for my breakfast. After finishing up, I joined my mom on the couch and to my dismay her favourite soap was airing on.

My mom knew I hate her soaps and so before I could ask she changed the channel. I was relieved and flashed a smile saying 'Thank you'.

I was not concentrating on the screen because I wanted to talk to my mom but couldn't because of dad being there and anyways I still hadn't decided how I was going to broach the subject.

My mom must have realised something was going on and so asked, *quot;Danny, is everything all right?*quot;

I was wondering if all mothers have some built-in censor which catches their attention when something is troubling their children. How was that even possible? But there we were. And so I replied,

*quot;Nah! I am fine; just planning the summer schedule.*quot;

As I looked at her, I knew she wasn't convinced but she let it be, knowing I would go to her when I was comfortable enough. She smiled and replied,

*quot;Good enough. But you know you can ask me anything. All right?*quot;

I nodded in affirmation and we resumed watching the show on the TV. After watching for sometime I went up to my room and saw my phone blinking. I turned the screen on to see 3 messages from Alisha. She wanted to know what I was doing for the day since she was staying at home with no plans.

I wanted to say I would be there right then but I remembered my plans to go to the movies and then a restaurant with my friends. I couldn't back out. So I fired off a text saying,

*quot;I have already committed to other plans but will keep tomorrow open. Are you free?*quot;

I instantly got a reply from her stating, *quot;Yes I am. Will see you tomorrow.*quot;

I shut the phone and laid down on the bed realising I still had time to go. Alas it wasn't to be. My mom called me downstairs and asked me to go to the store with dad and bring the groceries she specified.

I grumbled and tried to make an excuse when she cut me off and said, *quot;No arguments.*quot;

When my mom used that tone even my father would be wary of her and so I went out with my father. We went to the nearby store and rounded up all the groceries. Mom had forgotten to include my favourite juice and so I picked up a pack of it too.

We reached home all sweaty, and I noticed the time and realised I had barely time for a quick shower. I quickly showered, put on a pair of shorts and a light pull over and my sneakers. I took my phone, wallet and bike keys and went downstairs.

I entered the living room and told mom I would come by 10pm and not a second early. They were alright with that and told me to be careful. I went to pick up a friend and we proceeded to the theatre. All the other friends had gathered right on time. We were looking at the shows and decided on Jurassic World.

Atleast the movie had good graphics. We enjoyed the movie, had fun acting like goofs, and nagged each other. It was good fun. We were free from the stress of college work and it showed. Afterwards we went to our usual restaurant.

We were ravenous and ordered the meals quickly. The meals tasted awesome like always. We shared the bill among all of us and realizing it was nearing curfew time, we headed home.

I dropped off my friend and went home. I was 5 minutes early and found my mom waiting for me. I figured she wanted to make sure I arrived on time. However, apparently she wanted to talk.

She asked me to sit on the couch and just scrutinized me for a while. Finally she asked,

*quot;What is it that was troubling you in the morning?*quot;

I knew we had to have the 'conversation' but didn't imagine it would be then of all times. I asked her to see where my father was and my mom said,

*quot;He's sleeping. He took a pill and so won't disturb you.*quot;

I was relieved. I knew mom and aunt were not angry but I didn't want to handle dad.

I replied, *quot;You know everything about me and Alisha.*quot;

It wasn't a question but a fact I stated. My mom smiled. *quot;Oh! So that was what troubling you?*quot;

I took a deep breath and said, *quot;Mom I know you figured out something. I love Alisha. I have always had a crush on her. It isn't just my raging hormones speaking. It's not a rash decision we took. Alisha accepted my love and loves me deeply. We are happy and are tired of hiding it. Help us.*quot;

I was nearly tearful and my mom saw it and wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. I sighed. I felt bursa escort bayan safe in her arms. It was as if I became a child again. All those times mom had consoled me, she alone could help me keep calm.

I hugged her back firmly. My mom was stroking my head and soothing me. I became calmer.

I sat up straight and smiled. *quot;Thanks mom. I needed that. I love you.*quot;

My mom smiled and replied, *quot;Love you too, Danny.*quot;

We got side tracked and so I asked, *quot;Mom you aren't angry right? I really love her and can't be without her. Will you help me?*quot;

Mom took hold of my hand and said, *quot;I am not angry. If I was it would have been your father here. I and Zi (my aunt Zinal) had suspicions but didn't knew you were this besotted with each other. We wanted you to come forward rather than hide and destroy everything.*quot;

I was elated. I had figured she wouldn't be angry but the confirmation was a relief. Before I could say anything my mom asked,

*quot;Danny are you really sure you want this. Because you are just 18. You haven't met many girls yet, haven't see enough but if you are pretty sure then you shouldn't turn back.*quot;

I knew I was sure. I wouldn't back out. Certainly Alisha too was damn sure. We were certain of each other.

I replied, *quot;Mom when I say yes the answer is from both of us- me and Alisha. You can talk to her or both of us at the same time but we are certain of each other and love each other.*quot;

My mom was silent, NO doubt she was processing what I had said. I was silent. I didn't even move so as not to disturb her. My fate was in her hands.

At last mom squeezed my arm in a reassuring way. She smiled and said,

*quot;Obviously you have given it much thought. Zi is having this conversation with Alisha too. I know now you are true and you are right for her and she is for you. You have our blessings. We will fix a date for an engagement. But marriage will have to wait till your graduation.*quot;

I was stumped. I mean I wanted to marry Alisha but I thought we had to convince our parents which was next to impossible. But my mom gave us her and aunt Zi's blessings, even engagement and marriage were now possibility.

I hugged my mom tightly. She too wrapped her arms and squeezed. I was happy. I broke the embrace and kissed her cheek. Mom smiled and ruffled my hair. I only had one obstacle left- Dad. So I asked,

*quot;Mom what about dad? I mean will you tell him? What will he say? If he says no? What then?*quot;

Mom had an amusing smile on her face. She replied,

*quot;Do you think he doesn't know? He was the one who pointed it out to me. But knowing how close we both areyou, he asked me to sort it out with you. I told him he was right. He knows as much as me and approves too.*quot;

I couldn't speak. Dad knew! Not only that but also he approved our relation. I wanted to rush and thank him right then but common sense prevailed. I smiled and hugged my mom again and then said,

*quot;Mom can I call Alisha now? Please.*quot;

Mom smiled and replied, *quot;Sure. Anyways I am tired so we will speak tomorrow evening. Your aunt and Alisha will be here. We will decide everything then. Good night.*quot;

Saying that she got up, ruffled my hair again and went to her room. I got up and ran upstairs and closed my door. I flipped my phone open and called Alisha.

She too was ecstatic. She had had similar conversation with my aunt. She told me her house would be empty and to come by at 10 so we could talk further. Saying I love you's I ended the call. Everything was faring well.

I laid down thinking about the engagement mom had mentioned. I loved Alisha and I wanted to be with her. That was the way it was meant to be. I was happy. Thinking those thoughts I finally drifted off to sleep.

The next day I woke up early. I checked the clock to find it was just 6 am. I got up and took a shower and shaved. Noticing a cut on my face I applied an antiseptic. As I was leaving the bathroom I ran into my dad on the landing.

I paused for a second and rushed to hug him not bothering that I was wet. My dad squeezed me back saying,

*quot;Good morning. Why the hug Danny?*quot;

I smiled, *quot;Good morning dad. Thank you for letting us be. I love you.*quot;

Dad understood and smiled, *quot;Love you too.*quot;

Looking down he noticed he was wet and said, *quot;See you made my clothes wet. I will have to change now.*quot;

I apologized when he waved it off saying he was kidding and went to change. I went to my room and closed the door. It had been 3 days since me and Alisha had met and so I was horny. Love has its importance but when you are horny it overrides everything else.

I wanted to masturbate but knew within 2 hours I would meet Alisha. So controlling my urge I changed and went downstairs. My father was sipping coffee and reading the newspaper.

I hugged my mom good morning and grabbed the bowl of cereal. After sometime, dad left saying 'Goodbye'. I went upstairs to kill some time. When it was nearly ten, I ran downstairs and told gorukle escort mom I was going out and would return in the evening.

Saying this I left quickly, not giving mom time to ask about my plans. I arrived on Alisha's front door 5 minutes to ten. I rang the bell and Alisha opened it. My heart filled with love for her.

She welcomed me in and turned to close the door. As soon as she turned to face me I was onto her. I pushed her against the door and kissed her hard. Our lips were mashed together. Alisha wrapped her legs around my waist and I grabbed her ass to support her.

My dick was hard. Alisha was grounding her hips on my cock. We were moaning into the kiss. Our tongues were in a fierce dance. Our breaths mixed and we panted in breathlessness. Breaking the kiss but not the contact I looked at her.

Her hair was wild. Her chest rising for breath. Her lips were red and raw from our animalistic kiss.

I smiled and said, *quot;Good morning Love.*quot;

Alisha flashed her special smile only reserved for me and replied, *quot;Good morning Danny.*quot;

Leaning toward me she placed a soft kiss. It was the kiss of love - the kiss which said we were happy. We made out for sometime but my hands were beginning to ache and so I broke the kiss and put her down.

Alisha took hold of my hand and led me upstairs. While going upstairs, my attention was fixated wholly on her swinging hips. Alisha knew this and giggled saying,

*quot;Stop it.*quot;

I laughed and said, *quot;Why do you move with such sensuality?*quot;

Alisha flashed a smile and we reached her room. Upon entering she pushed me on the bed. She opened my shorts and tugged them down. When she tried to remove my boxers I stopped her.

She looked up and I indicated her to remove her clothes. She flipped her shorts and threw them aside. Even I removed my shirt. She opened her shirt and pushed it aside. Clad only in her panties I turned her in a 69. Alisha straddled my face.

Running her hands over the boxers caused me to twitch in excitement. Alisha giggled seeing this but gasped when I ran my fingers over her slick panties. Grabbing hold of her hips I pulled her towards me.

I could smell her tangy aroma. It filled me with lust. My mouth watered to taste her delicacy but I wanted to tease her. So I ran my tongue lightly from her entrance to her clit. Her panties were soaked. Alisha shivered feeling my breath on her entrance.

She tugged on my boxers and removed them. She then stroked my already erect cock. I moaned in approval. Alisha smiled and then started licking every inch of my cock. She then sucked only the head and started flicking her tongue.

The underside of its head was sensitive and I bucked my hips up. Deciding to give her as much joy she was providing I pushed her panty aside and licked her puffed and red labia. Alisha rewarded me with a moan.

Smiling to myself I licked and probed her wet entrance. I could feel her squirming. She was trying to push my tongue further in but I stopped her with my hands. I flicked and kissed her entrance alone tasting her flavor.

I moaned knowing Alisha loved it. Indeed she did and again tried to drive her hips downwards. She had forgotten all about me but that was good since I didn't want to come early.

Deciding to move on I located her hood and licked there. Alisha purred. With my hand I probed her entrance with two fingers. They entered easily since Alisha was so wet. I started driving my fingers and fingered her.

Alisha was moaning continuously. I knew she was on the edge and so started fingering her faster. At the same time I opened her hood with other hand and flicked her hard nubbin.

Alisha was really starting to go crazy. She wanted me to suck her clit and so I relented. I sucked and flicked her clit hard and this was the last straw. Alisha screamed in orgasm. Her pussy walls squeezed my finger hard. She was bucking so wildly I had trouble following her.

I succeeded in staying with her through her orgasm. When I realised she was calming down I curled my fingers and started sucking and licking her clit again. I knew she would be sensitive but I wanted to make her climax again. As she realised what I was doing Alisha squirmed in pleasure.

She started panting and said in a soft voice, *quot;Danny, I am gonna cum again.*quot;

I hummed on her clit and licked it again and again. At that time Alisha couldn't scream. She convulsed silently. My fingers got expelled and I could see her muscles twitching. She gushed her juice out.

It was so erotic. So beautiful. I softly licked her juice avoiding her clit. She moaned and pushed herself aside and curled in a fetal position.

I stroked her hair and was running my hand all over her boobs wanting to keep her aflame. Alisha sighed in contentment. I took hold of her nipple and rolled it between my fingers. Alisha mewled in pleasure.

Realizing she had regained her strength I got up and took her lips in a kiss. We made out for bursa merkez escort bayan a while, and then I broke the kiss and moved down. Reaching her boobs I gently took her nipple and sucked. Alisha pulled me closer and moaned.

*quot;Danny, bite them please.*quot; She cried.

Acquiescing I lightly bit on them. Hearing her moan I pulled her nipple upwards. Alisha purred and raised her chest. Not wanting to ignore her other nipple I lavished it with the same treatment.

The teasing got to Alisha and she growled, *quot;Danny, fuck me. Fuck me now!*quot;

I flashed her a smile and positioned myself at her entrance. She was lubricated enough and so I pushed. Alisha moaned in pleasure. Even I grunted because she squeezed me with her muscles.

Looking down at her pussy lips, red and open around my dick, aroused me to no end. Her clit peeked out of its hood and was erect. The sight was so sexy. I pulled back keeping only the tip inside and slammed hard.

Alisha grunted with pleasure. She scratched my back with her nails and cried, *quot;Danny again. Again.*quot;

She was tipping her hips and so I started on long strokes always slamming into her hard mashing her clit with my pubic bone. Alisha squeezed my dick so hard and screamed in pleasure. My back hurt where she raked me in her orgasm.

Sweat covered us both. I stopped, letting her calm down. I was at the edge. When she moaned I started driving my hips faster. Alisha encouraged me by wrapping her legs and looking into my eyes.

She panted, *quot;Yesss! That's it. Drive it faster. Cum in me. Danny! Cum in me.*quot;

I was right there and when she kissed me again I let loose. I could feel my dick twitching. I thought I wouldn't stop shooting. At last I stopped. I was drained. My hands were barely holding me.

Alisha wiped the sweat and swiped my hair. She smiled and placed a soft kiss. I collapsed sideways rolling her on me. She rested her head on my chest and hugged me. My hands as usual found her bum.

Alisha laughed. I smiled. We were happy. We had a reason to. I was basking in after-glow and was content to hold her. We held each other. Her pussy pushed my dick out. As it popped out, both of our fluids gushed out.

I sighed knowing we had to get up to shower. Alisha stroked my hair and said, *quot;I can't believe they are OK with us. And an engagement party. Wow!*quot;

Her enthusiasm was mirrored by me. I replied, *quot;When mom told me I was floored. I just had only one thought 'They approve.' Engagement too was shocking. We knew we will have to convince them but they already knew. And the most shocking was my dad pointing it out.*quot;

Alisha smiled and hugged me tight. She said, *quot;I am just happy we will be together. That's all that matters.*quot;

I raised her head and kissed her showing my approval. I thought our kisses were good, had intensity in them but this was nothing short of magical. It is as though every chapter we crossed in life we got more pleasure; who was I to complain.

Even though we had just finished my dick was starting to arouse. Alisha noticed this and said, *quot;So soon?*quot;

I just shrugged. Positioning her on her hands and knees I entered her in one movement. We both moaned in pleasure. Out of all the positions, this was my favourite one. I could go deeper in that way and Alisha clutched me tight causing us both pleasure.

I started driving my hips faster and could see her boobs swinging. The sight enough would have made me cum but I just had so I could continue on. Alisha moaned and panted in pleasure. We fucked in a frenzy and we both ended in a mutual climax.

Now I was truly drained. I fell sideways and Alisha had just enough strength to cuddle me. I wrapped my hands around her and we slept.

The ringing of my phone woke us up. I picked it up and saw it was my friend. I answered it and when asked whether I would go to meet them I declined. I noticed it was 5 pm.

We had to shower and meet at my house by 7 pm. So I roused Alisha who had drifted again. She grudgingly came into the shower. We cleaned ourselves and left to wear clothes. We stripped the bed and put the sheets on a fast cycle.

After checking everything we walked hand-in-hand towards my home. We entered holding hands and when my mom saw this she came and hugged us saying she was happy for us.

Looking at me with a sly grin she said, *quot;So this is where you ran off. Huh?*quot;

I was embarrassed and exclaimed, *quot;Mom!*quot;

Even Alisha was blushing. Seeing us squirm mom laughed. She said she was yanking our chain and told us to sit in the living room since everyone would start arriving.

True to her word, we were gathered together in an hour. Alisha and me were sitting together clasping hands which did not go unnoticed by our parents. They simply smiled happily.

My father started saying, *quot;So I heard you both want this and even decided to get engaged. You love each other?*quot;

Me and Alisha replied, *quot;Yes dad.*quot;

He saw we were serious and that was enough.

He said, *quot;OK. That's good enough. Now when would you like the engagement date?*quot;

We had both decided at Alisha's house that we wanted to be engaged on her birthday. Seeing it was on Sunday was also an advantage.

We replied, *quot;On Alisha's birthday if its alright with you?*quot;

My dad nodded saying, *quot;Good date. And its a Sunday too!*quot;
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